Photos By:  JL Films

Photos By: JL Films

What does “on-site” mean?

“On-site” means that instead of you travelling to a salon, I travel to you the morning of your wedding! AKA if you want to sip mimosa’s in your underwear and listen to the Spice Girls at 9 AM, then you go RIGHT ahead!

Do you charge travel fees?

Yes. Outside of a 40 kilometer radius from my home, I charge 0.40/kilometer.

Are you a Ontario College of Trades Licensed Hairstylist?

You bet! I went to school for the Hairstylist Apprenticeship Program at St. Lawrence College and wrote my Certificate of Qualification after I was finished to become a Licensed Hairstylist.

How many years have you been doing bridal hair?

I have been working in hair salons, on and off for the last 10 years. While doing so, I was able to create many unique updos & styles for clients in the salon. However, I have been specializing in bridal hair specifically under the business name of There She Glows for the last three years.

Should I book a bride trial?

It is 100% your choice to book a trial or not. However, getting the chance to get to know your hair type BEFORE your wedding day is always a huge plus for me. It’s also a great opportunity for you to see if you actually like the style you think you would like to wear for the big day and prevents wasted time on the day of your wedding.

Trials allow me the opportunity to help change things for you that you may not like and get down to the specifics of what you love about your chosen style to ensure your complete satisfaction!

How far in advance should I be booking?

Due to being in very high demand, it is best for you to book as soon as possible. I am booking most brides most frequently 12 months in advance AT LEAST.

Do you provide makeup services as well?

GIRL! I WISH I was awesome at makeup..however, I am not gifted in the art of makeup - BUT, I do have a few amazing makeup artists that I can recommend to you!